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Lucci’s specializes in homemade prepared food, dine-in lunch, catering and unique hard-to-find imported Italian products.

About the Owners

Nick and Bobbi Castellucci have always been in the service industry and strive on making people happy with both food and service alike. Nick has worked in the food industry for three decades, starting from his early childhood where his father owned a catering business called NIKO’s in Pittsburgh, PA and his grandmother’s Italian restaurant called Sabatinos in Wind Gap, PA, continuing through some corporate, local and franchise food places right to this establishment. Bobbi has been one of the area’s top advertising executives for two decades. She has worked many years prior in food as well. This is where the two met.

Their passion is to serve people in the best homemade food with the best ingredients while maintaining a reasonable price. It only stood to reason that the combination of their strong backgrounds and passion in the service industry would lead them to start this business to tantalize an eager customer base. With both our strong professional strengths, business networks, and work ethics and dedication, we feel this is just what the area needed as well as ordered.

Nick grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. His father hails from a little Italian town called Roseto, PA and his mother from Stroudsburg, PA. Both of his grandparents were from Italy, with his father’s side from Turin and his mother’s side from Sicily.

Bobbi is from Altoona, PA. Both of her parents grew up in Altoona, where her father was the county controller for over 30 years.

Bobbi and Nick have three children, Nicole, Casey and Brandon.

Mission Statement
Serve the best homemade food at a reasonable prices, always with a smile on our faces to ensure repeat customer loyalty.